Refinishing a bathtub can be more cost-effective than replacing it.

  • Improve the look! Refinishing offers unlimited color choices.
  • Character! Refinishing can help maintain the original style, which can add character to a bathroom. Cast iron bathtubs are durable and deep and no longer being manufactured.
  • Repair damage! Refinishing can fix common issues like rust, corrosion, mold, mildew, and damage from cleaners.
  • Save time! Refinishing is faster than a bathroom remodel and can often be done in one day!
  • Protection Against Lead! Protect Your Family!!! Refinishing your bathtub creates a barrier over Lead and stops leakage and contamination.



Can you physically remove an old bathtub yourself? If not, you will need to hire a license contractor to remove it for you.

Will the old bathtub fit through the bathroom door(s) and exit your home? In most cases, an old bathtub will need to be cut into pieces for removal from your home.

How will you dispose of your old bathtub? After successfully removing your old bathtub from your home, you must properly dispose of it.

How will you address the plumbing issues? When you remove an old bathtub, the plumbing fixtures may need to be replaced or adjusted to fit the new styled bathtub.

What is the plan to repair the damaged area around the bathtub, flooring(laminate-tile-vinyl-linoleum) and walls after the new tub is installed? These are the hidden costs that come with replacement. After all your planning…. you will still need to purchase a bathtub!!!


Liners are made to fit over your existing bathtub as snugly as possible, they are glued and caulked into place. This makes it easy for water to get between the liner and the existing bathtub, which leads to odor, mold, and mildew. Very difficult to remove the water and water buildup will happen again.

Liners may feel very weak, spongy, or less than stable. By adding a layer of material, your bathtub inside will become slightly smaller when you use a liner.


The cost of a bathtub liner ranges from $800 to $3,200, for an average cost of about $2,000

Liners cause

Trapped water…Covers up problems…..Makes tub smaller…Removal is difficult