Refinish It

Proficient Refinishing is your premier Bath and Kitchen Refinishing company. Instead of buying a new tub, why not refinish it?

How Does Refinishing Work?

First, we protect the surrounding environment. Next, is the industrial cleaning of the tub. We remove any existing glaze, Repair any cracks, chips or rust. Prime bathtub and Topcoat tub with with an Enamel Polymer. We also add a Non-Slip surface that protects the tub for its lifetime AND is ten times higher than the National Standard for anti-slip surfaces!

Why Re-glaze?

Old colors become outdated and need a face-lift. Old tiles can become cracked. Grout gets moldy and unsightly. But with re-glazing: It’s very durable. It’s virtually maintenance-free. It’s a fraction of the Replacement costs. And it’s easily cleaned with mild soaps.

Before & After

Here at Proficient Refinishing we strive to give you the best service possible. Here is a small example of the work that we do for our clients. (Toggle the sliders left to right)